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How to mantian the outdoor furniture?

Outdoor furniture because of long exposure to the outdoors, easy to damp, but also because of prolonged sun exposure, especially easily deformed crack. Therefore, the correct use and maintenance methods is particularly important. According to different product features, compiled some knowledge of the use and maintenance for your reference, Now, Let us see the methods of  how to mantian the outdoor furniture

1, awning sun umbrella series
1 sun products support multi-use iron pipe tubes, larger span, the installation process, please gently, avoid the bump or partially damaged by excessive force;
(2) This series of products designed for outdoor shade leisure use, not for rain shelter, it should avoid the use of wind and rain. If the top cloth pocket water bottle holder, please promptly removed to avoid long-term damage by force, windy place tarpaulin, wooden umbrella away to ensure safety;

2,wooden leisure furniture series
1 Please placed on smooth ground or grass to avoid shaking tilt;
(2) long-term use, screw loose parts may occur, please note that carry tight;
3 selection of wood species,  for outdoor use is very important, such as wooden outdoor chairs , wooden outdoor rocking chairs ,wooden outdoor folding chairs, Palestinian fishing wood, Sapele, etc. These wood species are rich in oil, elasticity is good, generally do not crack and deformation, but also have a natural fungicide and insect repellent properties, is ideal for outdoor furniture timber. Also note Solid wood outdoor furniture is a normal phenomenon of aging and fading, but the correct way to use and effective maintenance can reduce these phenomena;
4 outdoor use, please avoid exposure, rain, not a long time when covering with furniture covers or cover, otherwise it will accelerate the surface of the paint off or aging, For maintenance of renovation can use our exclusive wooden furniture protective oil at a specified method Apply scrub to, we recommend you do once every 3-6 months to maintain.

3, cast iron, stone umbrella base series
1 Make sure that all parts securely installed;
(2) when handling or moving the grip to prevent slipping;
3 heavier items, pay attention gently to prevent damage to the floor lawn;
4 Please note that the weight of the umbrella and umbrella base pair insertion umbrella umbrella stand alone needs at least 20KG or more, while the lighter umbrella stands, generally placed in the bottom of tables and chairs.

4, iron and aluminum frame and rattan leisure furniture series
1 iron and aluminum frame and rattan leisure furniture series products elegant, fashionable, easy maintenance, long for outdoor use; selection of materials to prevent UV Rattan is the best choice;
Two general dusting surfaces are treated by high temperature to form a protective layer, when handling and moving gently to avoid breakage or damage caused bump protection layer;
3 Note that sharp, cigarette butts and other causes cane break.

In the end, if you want to know more, please  refer to How to choose a quality outdoor furniture? welocme to our wedsite, please enjoy your life with ourdoor furniture.

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